Doppio titolo / Dual degree

LM Comunicazione, informazione, editoria + Master in Corporate and Organizational Communication

The Fairleigh Dickinson University and the University of Bergamo made an Agreement for Academic Cooperation allowing students enrolled in the Master’s degree in Communication, information, publishing to simultaneously obtain a Master’s degree in Communication, information, publishing issued by the University of Bergamo and the Master’s degree in Communication issued by the Fairleigh Dickinson University (New Jersey – USA) by attending at the partner university a previously established part of the course’s lessons.


Eligible students: Students enrolled in CIE.

Period at FDU: first term of the academic year (20th August – 22nd December).

Credits to obtain at FDU: 30, to be divided as follows: 20 ECTS credits in 4 courses of 5 credits each, to be taken during the term in USA; 1 course (5 credits) by e-learning approved by FDU and UNIBG, that may also be attended in Italy in the following term (or at the FDU college of Wroxton, UK); 5 credits in drafting the Capstone Project. 

Credits to obtain at UNIBG: 90 ECTS credits. The courses programmed for the second year may be taken once back in Italy, but are essential to obtain the issuing of the FDU qualification, that will take place after the discussion of the thesis at UNIBG.

Depending on their income, the entitled students may request to the Service for the Right to Education (former ISU) an international mobility scholarship, according to the requirements of the call that will be published by the Service itself. 

It is also possible to apply for weekly hours of Italian language tutoring supported by FDU.  


Admission criteria:

  • enrollment in CIE for the academic year for which the stay at FDU is planned
  • average score not lower than 25/30 (for students graduated in the March session the average score of the Bachelor’s degree will apply)

  • adequate knowledge of English certified by TOEFL, IELTS or other certification; as required by FDU it is necessary to attach to the application a motivation letter and have an interview

  • the students admitted may access the program even if they do not receive the scholarship

The a.y. 2019-2020 call was published. The deadline for submitting applications is 17th April 2019 at 12 a.m.

It is also possible to study for a term at FDU as exchange student. No taxes will be charged and a few mobility scholarships are available. The call is published on the page Calls for Traineeships and Study Abroad of the University of Bergamo website.